Open at 7pm Tuesday to Saturday.

Close 2AM on Tuesday-Thursday & 3AM on Friday-Saturday

Strictly Proper Attire Required – Casual Sophistication/Dressy Causal (SEE FAQ FOR DETAILS)

We are enforcing masks for all staff and customers at this time.



What is the dress code?

Business/Smart casual sophistication. No sweats, hoodies, ripped T-shirts, or jeans (unless the jeans are designer and have tasteful rips), dirty shoes, sandals, shorts

Please no athletic wear, baseball caps, flip-flops, tank tops, casual/athletic sneakers, or tattered/worn clothing. Collared shirts preferred.

No hats are allowed unless you wear a hat that says Cloakroom on it or a fedora. Hats will be coat-checked at the door, free of charge. No bags, other than handbags, admitted after 9 pm

Please look like a respectable person walking into a nice establishment!

Dress codes & checking IDs are strictly enforced.

What time is last call for alcohol?

Last call is 30 minutes before closing time.


What time do you open?

We open at 7pm Tuesday – Saturday. We close at 2am Tuesday to Thursday, and 3am Friday/Saturday.

We are closed on Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and New Year’s Day.


What time do you guys close?

We close at 2AM Tuesday-Thursday and we close at 3AM Friday – Saturday


Are couples welcome?

Yes! We welcome couples and host them often.


Are you wheelchair accessible?

Yes we are handicap accessible.


Can I smoke Cigars at Cloakroom?

We have a no-smoking rule on our Rooftop sports bar. You are welcome to smoke cigarettes or cigars outside instead. We are a non-smoking establishment.


Do you serve food?

Yes. We serve a fantastic food menu from 7PM to 9:45PM Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday, and until 10:45PM Friday & Saturday.

After that, there is small late-night bar bites menu until close.


What age do I have to be to get in?

We are a 21+ establishment.


Do you have to pay to be in the VIP lounge?

In order to be considered a VIP member, we would like to see you at Cloakroom often and get to know you. If you throw an event at Cloakroom, you get access to the VIP lounge. And for automatic VIP lounge privilege, you can purchase a member locker through our Private and Special Events Coordinator, Reidun. You can email reidun@cloakroomdc.com.


What is a VIP Member Locker?

A VIP member locker can be corporate or individually purchased. You can order alcohol through Cloakroom and keep cigars and alcohol in the locker. VIP Members also are invited to quarterly ultra-luxe events hosted by Cloakroom and Members also have the option to close down the VIP lounge for just them and their guests on any given night. For more member locker information, please contact our Private and Special Events Coordinator, Reidun at Reidun@CloakroomDC.com.


What is a skybox and how much does it cost?

Cloakroom has 2 larger private rooms on the VIP floor that overlook the center stage.

What are Cloakbucks?

A Cloakbuck is a form of in-house funny money that can be applied towards tipping the staff, table dances, and buying private rooms. There is a 20% surcharge when purchasing Cloakbucks. We also have 2 ATMs where you can pull out cash as well. There is a 15% fee when using the ATM.


Is there a drink minimum?

We do not have a drink minimum. VIP Booth minimum spends vary based on size of group, plus a 20% gratuity.


Do you ever not charge entry (entertainment fee) ?

We always charge a $20 entertainment fee Tuesday-Saturday because we are a fully nude club.


Who do I contact if I want to throw a party here?

You can contact Reidun, our Private and Special Events Coordinator at Reidun@CloakroomDC.com. We can make your event as conservative or as wild as you would like.


Is there a place to park my car?

There is plenty of street parking and over 4 parking lots within a block of Cloakroom.


Are you fully nude?

We are a fully nude club

Do you offer private dances?

Yes. We offer private dances.


What happens in private rooms?

Entertainers offer a personal, wonderful, and specialized experience in the private rooms. To learn more, come to Cloakroom and ask to speak with a Host.


Are there any special events?

We have a rotating daily theme night. For more information, please check out our calendar of events: https://cloakroomdc.wpengine.com/event-calendar. However, events are currently paused in consequence to Covid, but will resume when all gets back to normal!


Do you allow female patrons in the club?

Yes. Almost 35% of our clientele is women.


Is there a spot in the club where I can dance to the music?

We are not a dance club so we do not have a dance floor. We do have a live DJ who plays music for the Entertainers to perform on stage. Our sound system is a state of the art, Funktion One system!!


Who designed your rooftop bar and VIP lounge?

Goli Parvizian Designs