Fall Featured Entertainer


  • What is your (stage) name?: Skylar 
  • Birth day and month?: June 27th
  • Why do you like working at Cloakroom?: I love how structured the club is and how everyone works as a team and everyone matters. I also like how we wear gowns here, Who wouldn’t love gown shopping? 
  • Which days do you mostly work at Cloakroom?: I mostly work Mondays, Thursday’s, and Saturday’s but it can vary! 
  • Do you want to share any social media handles?: I like to keep some things private : )
  • Favorite physical feature on yourself?: Definitely my eyes :) 
  • Any hobbies outside of Cloakroom?: I’m huge into fitness and enjoy anything fitness related, I also love traveling and do frequently for modeling!
  • Favorite place you have traveled and why?: Thailand, I love the culture and food over there! Such a gorgeous place!
  • Where do you want to be in the next 5 years?: Investing in properties and houses, An all around business lady :) 
  • What do you wear to bed?: Usually some undies and a big t! 
  • Ideal man's top 3 physical features and qualities?: Top 3 physical features of a man would be smell, smile, and physique. Top  3 qualities would be sense of humor, loyalty , and a strong sex drive.
  • Favorite food?: Sushi!
  • Do you perform only pole work or will you do private rooms as well?: I prefer private rooms but I also love being on stage. 
  • Where were you born? Which state do you currently reside?: Which state do you currently reside? Was born in Maryland and still there :)
  • How many languages do you speak?: 2. English and Spanish
  • Favorite movie?: Step Brothers
  • Favorite music and/or song to perform to on stage?: I prefer the music I dance to, be similar to the music I like to have sex to... sensual r&b/soul. 
  • Can you climb to the top of Cloakroom's 20 foot pole?: Yes I can, but I prefer to stay on the ground. LOL!
  • Anything else you would like to share?: Come visit me! Let's be friends : )
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