Summer Featured Entertainer – Ms Peru

July's Featured Entertainer


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  • What is your (stage) name?: Ms Peru
  • Birth day and month?: December 7th
  • Most memorable performance?: Too many amazing ones to really pick one-- Performing on stage with Chris Brown , Rick Ross, Dru Hill, Lil Kim, Cardi B, 50 cent just to name a few
  • Why do you like working at Cloakroom?: It’s the best establishment in the city
  • Which days do you mostly work at Cloakroom?: Wednesday, Thursday and some Fridays/ Saturdays upon request
  • Do you want to share any social media handles?: Ig: @msperushow
  • Favorite physical feature on yourself?: My tattoos
  • Any hobbies outside of Cloakroom?: Traveling, car shows, K9 training and horseback riding
  • Favorite place you have traveled and why?: Too many to name-- I love all of the different countries and their cultures. Each one of them left a beautiful memory
  • Where do you want to be in the next 5 years?: Retired on my private island ;)
  • What do you wear to bed?: My birthday suit
  • Ideal man's top 3 physical features and qualities?: Tall, fit, built, nice teeth and well groomed. In terms of qualities, he has to be a provider and a family man
  • Favorite food?: Soul food and seafood
  • Do you perform only pole work or will you do private rooms as well?: Only pole, but money talks so we’ll see about the room
  • Where were you born? Which state do you currently reside?: Born in Peru and now live in Maryland
  • How many languages do you speak?: 2 1/2 : )
  • Favorite movie?: The Pursuit of Happyness
  • Favorite music and/or song to perform to on stage?: Hip Hop or R&B. Songs depend on the crowd but mainly Chris Brown, Meek Mill and anything that hypes up the crowd
  • Can you climb to the top of Cloakroom's 20 foot pole?: I’m the original pole beast, so of course
  • Anything else you would like to share?: Book me as an aerialist or snake charmer for your next corporate event, wedding or anniversary party. For all booking inquiries, email or gigsalad
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