Spring Feature Entertainer: Leah

Allyswish.org : )


  • What is your (stage) name?: Leah
  • Birth day and month?: July 21
  • Most memorable performance?: I can’t say that I have a “most memorable” performance. I can say that I love to perform and when the crowd is into it and having fun with me, it makes each performance memorable!
  • Why do you like working at Cloakroom?: It's like a family. I'm lucky enough to work with some amazing people!
  • Which days do you mostly work at Cloakroom?: Wednesday through Saturday, but you can catch me on the other days occasionally! I always post to my Instagram which days I’m working
  • Do you want to share any social media handles?: My instagram is @itsleahhhbabyyy
  • Favorite physical feature on yourself?: I think I would have to say my hair!
  • Any hobbies outside of Cloakroom?: I love to travel, read, volunteer, and spend time with my dogs and family.
  • Favorite place you have traveled and why?: Hawaii! Its home! It's where I lived during the years when Cloakroom was getting a makeover! Its absolutely beautiful and the culture is amazing.
  • Where do you want to be in the next 5 years?: Successful in real estate
  • What do you wear to bed?: Absolutely nothing ;)
  • Ideal man's top 3 physical features and qualities?: Sense of humor! If we can’t laugh we won’t click! Respect for me and my job! It takes a strong and secure person to be able to happily date a dancer! That confidence is so sexy! Last but not least…a nice smile!!
  • Favorite food?: Hmmmm it's gonna have to be a tie between sushi and southern/soul food!
  • Do you perform only pole work or will you do private rooms as well?: I do it all! I can assure you my private rooms are a fun time that you won’t forget ;)
  • Where were you born? Which state do you currently reside?: I was born in Georgia and currently live in Maryland.
  • How many languages do you speak?: Sadly 1. I'm interested in learning at least one new one!
  • Favorite movie?: Easy! I'm a big book nerd and a huge Harry Potter fan, so of course the whole Harry Potter collection! Center stage is a close second!
  • Favorite music and/or song to perform to on stage?: I like so many different types its hard to pick one, I tend to go by my mood. My two go to genres are hip hop/rap and rock.
  • Can you climb to the top of Cloakroom's 20 foot pole?: Yes! Sideways and then drop into a split from the top! Its a signature move of mine
  • Anything else you would like to share?: Ally’s Wish. This is an amazing nonprofit organization devoted to granting the last wish to young, terminally ill mothers with children. It could be sending them on a dream trip to make great last memories with their families or buying them new furniture and making the home more comfortable so they can focus on spending time with their families. Please consider looking at their website and making a donation!